Jon Robinson
CEO & Co-Founder

“My passion is helping investors achieve better outcomes by identifying and circumventing their biases through education and transparency, as well as by designing efficient, high-efficacy investment processes.”

Brandon Langley
President & Co-Founder

“The most exciting part of my day is seeking and finding objectivity through the abundant price data now freely available. Indeed, when we cut through all the myths and smash the sacred cows that dominate the investing landscape with data, it ceases being an occupation and transforms into a mountaintop experience.”

Tommy Mayes

“Transparency and authenticity are the most effective ways to establish long-term relationships based upon mutual trust.”

Andrea Johnson Swope
Director of Advisor Experience

“I truly believe when a group of people work together toward common goal, and do not care who receives the credit, you become unstoppable. My hope is that what we are building at Blueprint inspires others to learn more, do better, and dream bigger. I want to be a sounding board for our advisors, inspiring them to build a practice they are proud of while helping others.”

Mike Carlone
National Sales Director

“The vast majority of investors are under-diversified. Our mission is to change this. Rather than follow a herd mentality, portfolios should be established with risk management as a core component to maximize return and minimize drawdown. My passion, and belief, is that through education we can truly help improve the lives of advisors’ clients.”

Joe Crawford
Director of Operations

“The world of finance is intimidating to everyday people – largely by design. My goal is to help change the lives of investors by replacing the industry’s omnipresent empty rhetoric and jargon with real, actionable truth.”

Ken Peters, CAIA
Portfolio Manager

“The transparency and openness of Blueprint is refreshing in the world of finance, and my aim is to build upon our team’s past success to help more advisors achieve the investment goals of their clients. Helping clients and advisors understand their portfolios and businesses has been the focus of my career.”

Nicole Hands
Director of Marketing

“Just like data is the fuel behind systematic investing, it also should be the foundation for making decisions about where to invest time and dollars for marketing. Asset managers and advisors should be highly attuned to their key metrics to regularly rebalance, adding time or dollars where tactics are fruitful, and pulling back on efforts that are falling flat.”

Jason Varner
Digital Marketing Analyst

“Analysis of marketing data inherently poses many philosophic questions and benefits greatly from the systems of logic employed in philosophy. Combining an academic background in philosophy with a wide array of work experience across numerous fields allows for more innovative ways of looking at marketing data.”