Jason Varner Operations Analyst

Analysis of data – whether it’s related to investing, marketing, or productivity – inherently poses many philosophic questions and benefits greatly from the systems of logic employed in my primary field of study: philosophy. Combining an academic background in philosophy with a wide array of work experience across numerous fields allows for more innovative ways of looking at qualitative and quantitative measures.

A mantra at Blueprint Investment Partners is to “think systematically” – and it extends beyond asset management. Jason is at the center of ensuring this philosophy is carried through to the firm’s operations.

Jason joined the firm in 2018 to help build out a customer relationship management (CRM) database and content marketing strategy. He transitioned to the Operations Team in 2023 to focus on the firm’s technology stack.

Jason brought to Blueprint Investment Partners a diverse background in information technology, marketing, and philosophy. He also served in the United States Marine Corps, including holding Assaultman and Mortarman positions while deployed to Afghanistan.

He earned a bachelor’s in philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Jason’s diverse skillset shines through in how he spends his time outside of work. The short list includes planning movie nights (horror is a popular genre) with his fiancée and three children, working on car and construction projects in his workshop, rock climbing, and exploring numerous other interests in his studio.

It's Saturday Night. What Are You Doing?

Driving back from whatever crag, mountain, or gorge I spent the day climbing and exploring (usually stopping for a burger from Cookout, my guilt-free meal of the week) – then gathered with the Mrs. and our kids for a playback of my footage from the day, a cheesy 80s horror movie, or a goofy comedy