Mike Carlone National Sales Director

The vast majority of investors are under-diversified. Our mission is to change this. Rather than follow a herd mentality, portfolios should be established with risk management as a core component. My passion, and belief, is that through education we can truly help improve the lives of financial advisors’ clients.

Mike is at the forefront in ensuring Blueprint Investment Partners lives up to a firm-wide standard: to be an uncommonly great partner to financial advisors.

He brought more than 20 years of experience in financial services marketing and distribution when he joined the team in 2019.

Mike regularly asks advisors, “How can we help?” because he seeks to not only connect clients of Blueprint Investment Partners to investment management strategies that are adaptable to various market environments, but also offer: extraordinary service and communication, practice management resources, marketing and client service materials, and individualized support that solidifies Blueprint as an advisor’s partner, not just another asset manager.

He joined Blueprint Investment Partners after eight years at Equinox Funds. Although Mike served in several roles at Equinox, he was primarily responsible for executing the firm’s sales initiatives, overseeing client services, and developing the sales team. Additionally, he was the primary individual behind generating and maintaining distribution relationships with broker-dealer and clearing platforms.

Prior to Equinox, Mike managed the mutual fund sales desk at Morgan Stanley from 2010 to 2012. He also previously held wholesaling positions at Lincoln Financial Group and Morgan Stanley.

Mike earned a bachelor’s in journalism from Rutgers University.

Outside of the office, Mike enjoys trips to the beach with his wife and two young girls. He’s also interested in both travel and history, so much so that his dream vacation would be metal detecting on a Revolutionary War battlefield.

It's Saturday Night. What Are You Doing?

Either out somewhere with my two girls and wife or hanging out with the family watching a movie (probably a title I had no say in selecting)