Brandon Langley President & Co-Founder

The most exciting part of my day is seeking and finding objectivity through the abundant price data now freely available. Indeed, when we can cut through all the myths and smash the sacred cows that dominate the investing landscape with data, it ceases being an occupation and transforms into a mountaintop experience.

Plenty of asset managers like to say they’re data-driven, but it takes a different level of discipline to follow the data even when it’s bucking conventional thinking, signaling something new, or making you feel a little uncomfortable. As President and Co-Founder of Blueprint Investment Partners, Brandon is unwaveringly in the latter camp.

He and fellow Blueprint Investment Partners founder Jon Robinson have been collaborating to build systematic investing systems since 2003, believing that data and trend following are the superior inputs for making investment decisions.

Prior to founding Blueprint Investment Partners in 2013, the pair created Robinson-Langley Capital Management, where they honed their investment management philosophy in the futures markets during the Financial Crisis.

As they spent tens of thousands of hours researching financial market prices and navigating through the Financial Crisis and Great Recession, Brandon and Jon became convinced of the importance of process and behavior on investors achieving their financial goals. It motivated them to create a firm that could offer financial advisors access to systematic, repeatable, and rules-based investment strategies that would increase the chances of clients remaining anchored to their financial plans during times of euphoria and fear.

Prior to teaming with Jon, Brandon was a Credit Risk Manager for Wells Fargo’s automotive lending division, Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

In addition to helping lead Blueprint Investment Partners, Brandon enjoys traveling with his wife, daughter, and son. When at home, his passion is spending time working and playing on the family farm.

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Soaking up every last drop of daylight hours outside while playing games with my kids, riding ATVs, or chasing our yellow lab (Max) – or headed out for a date night with my wife, when we have childcare