No Fluff. No Black Box. Just Actual Next Steps for Financial Advisors

Posted: August 21, 2020

Visual showing four elements that comprise elite advisor framework

You know those days, when you’re practically on autopilot as you delete, delete, delete your way through our inbox?

Until it happens. A headline just grabs you. The sender is addressing a pain point you’ve been experiencing and, better yet, they’re offering practical guidance. Amazing!

You click through to their website, somewhat-begrudgingly fill out the 10 fields of info they want from you, find the PDF in your downloads folder, click to open the file — and then the disappointment hits…

This resource is supposed to help you solve your complex problem, yet it’s only two pages, half of which is the company’s branding. Or, it’s full of surface-level questions for you to use to self-reflect about your problem. Or — and this might be the most disappointing scenario yet — it offers a complex black box solution that’s going to require you to shell out to a high-end consultant.

Ugh! Am I right?

Actually-Practical Advice for Real-Life Financial Advisors

At Blueprint Investment Partners, we believe that somewhere in the middle is the opportunity to provide actually-practical advice that real-life practitioners can use to grow their business.

As a follow up to the overwhelming interest we’ve received in “The Elite Advisor Playbook,” which presents a framework for an optimal financial advisor practice, we’ve developed resources to help advisors strengthen their business in each of the four pillar areas:

  1. Client Service: How to surprise and delight your clients to create lasting relationships
  2. Investment Management: How to focus only on high-impact activities, while outsourcing anything where you add the least value relative to the time commitment required
  3. Practice Management: How to create laser focus for your business by implementing an operating strategy (not just tactics)
  4. Business Development: How to ignite growth of your practice by being a great marketer

Additionally, advisors can gain a better understanding of their practice’s areas of strength and opportunity in just a few minutes with the, “Are You An Elite Advisor?” quiz, which compares your practice to a standard in operational performance.

Being a Top Financial Advisor is Not a Participation Trophy

Elite and average advisors are often quite similar in many respects. We base this assertion on our extensive research and 10+ years of experience seeing advisors in action. Both clock long hours, are active in their communities, and have strong personal and professional networks. The difference is that top financial advisors usually have higher profit margins and lower attrition. (A big differentiator, wouldn’t you say?)

We’re here to help.

The investment and practice management services offered by Blueprint Investment Partners can help you strengthen your practice in one (or all) of the four pillar areas detailed in the Playbook, including outsourced investment management, business strategy coaching, marketing, and content development.

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