An Uncommonly Great Partner To Financial Advisors

Our team detests obscurities, from “black box” systematic investing strategies to the vague “good partner promise” offered by many asset managers. Their lip service may sound good, but we’ve found that often the real service is lacking.

Our frustration drives us to do things differently. We don’t just say we’ll be a good partner; we vow to be an uncommonly great one.

These are some of the concrete ways our advisor partners feel this commitment from us:

Strategies that are intentionally designed to be highly accessible for advisors to use in their practices

Access to our team, who’s timely in responding to clients at all asset levels – emails don’t end up in a black hole, and our phones ring to real people without advisors first having to listen to five minutes of cheesy hold music

A systematic investing process that’s repeatable and transparent so advisors can explain it to their clients in plain English

White labeled sales and marketing materials to support advisors’ client service and business development efforts

Consistent communication about changes taking place in the portfolios – our advisor clients hear from us no less than once per month, period

Additional asset management infrastructure for advisors who use our separately managed accounts as a core holding

Strategies and processes that are fine-tuned to provide tax-friendly outcomes

Direct indexing customization capabilities

We view our advisor clients as an extension of our own team, and we believe they’d say the same.

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