Financial Advisor Use Cases: Core Strategy Implementation

Financial advisors commonly choose a risk-managed Blueprint Investment Partners separately managed account as a core strategy due to their:

Systematic approach to risk management

Diversification across global asset classes

Active management of an uncomplicated portfolio, with holdings that include a wide range of individual equities and ETFs

Transparent, repeatable, and straightforward systematic investing rules that can be explained to clients in plain English

Customizable tactical allocations, which allow advisors to choose the balance of strategic and tactical that’s most appropriate for each client’s risk/return profile

Removing of human bias during emotionally charged market environments

Tax-friendly outcomes achieved through ongoing tax-loss harvesting

Use Cases

Total account solution

Majority holding for accounts, with the intention of using other holdings to either increase volatility or decrease correlation to stocks

Outsourced asset manager – they desire to focus on other aspects of the business, such as financial planning or growing the firm

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Benefits of Outsourcing To Blueprint Investment Partners

Asset Management

  • Separately managed account portfolios built to be highly accessible and compliant
  • Ongoing updating and execution of all portfolios, including risk-mitigation process and tax-loss harvesting
  • Prioritization of risk management and global asset allocation in most SMAs
  • Utilization of transparent, straightforward, and systematic investing rules that advisors can easily explain to prospects and clients
  • Maintenance of any custom holdings or restricted securities at the client level
  • Monthly calls between the advisor and portfolio management team
  • Direct indexing and portfolio customization capabilities to reduce portfolio costs and enhance tax-loss harvesting

Practice Management

  • Client onboarding support, including risk tolerance assessment
  • White labeled communication materials to use in conversations with clients
  • Customized sales and marketing collateral to use with prospects
  • Assistance with onboarding additional advisors to your firm
  • Access to Blueprint's Elite Advisor practice management resources
  • Facilitated peer networking for the purpose of learning from the experiences of similar advisors (cultivated to provide a non-competitive environment for information sharing)
  • Custom consultation and support for your marketing strategy
  • Consultation to assist you with implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a set of simple concepts and practical tools to help you create focus for your business, either through self-implementation or full facilitation (minimum AUM level required)


  • Opportunity to pursue new prospects and serve existing clients more robustly through partnership with Pontera, which enables secure and compliant management of held-away accounts

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