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The 2020 Remix: Trend Following & Pop Culture

The 2020 Remix: Trend Following & Pop Culture

At Blueprint Investment Partners, we like to think that our trend-following proclivities have many applications. Some (like our ability to systematically manage assets for our advisor clients) are certainly more useful than others (like the fresh 2020 pop culture reference that will come when you read on).

The 2020 Remix: Trend Following & Pop Culture

Category: Systematic Investing commercial showing the devil and a woman named 2020 in front of a dumpster fire

The 2020 Remix: Trend Following & Pop Culture

Wrist watches

The Irrationality of Humans, Investors, And…Watch-Buyers?

If the purpose of a wristwatch is to tell the time, and if quartz keeps better time at a lower cost, then are automatic watches the definition of a Veblen good (a product for which demand rises as the price increases)? This question leads to another: How many Veblen-good-esque products are in circulation today in the financial services industry?
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