Marketing for Financial Advisors – Your Questions Answered

Posted: November 22, 2021

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We received a surprising amount of feedback following our September blog about advisor marketing, so we’re back with a sequel.

In these video responses (most are under 2 minutes), you’ll find answers to common questions we hear from financial advisors about how to refine their marketing activities to build and retain client relationships.

Our source for the original Q&A blog as well as this one is a webinar we hosted earlier this year with our friends Corey Keating and Ryan Stark, who both offer consulting and outsourced marketing services for financial advisors.

What are immediate, actionable steps to improve my social media presence?

“Establish some sort of foundation, if you haven’t already, and then on top of that it’s talking to the audience consistently.”

Time: 1:21

What guidance do you have related to compliance?

“Find your boundary. …That’s something you really need to know for yourself, so that you can move faster. If you’re not sure you can put something out, you’re not going to put it out. …Find a compliance person you can talk to, ask those questions…whatever it takes to find out what your boundary is.”

Time: 1:41

I’ve been advised to focus on “demand generation” rather than “lead generation” for my practice, but I’m not completely clear on the difference – can you help?

“[With demand generation,] we’re focusing on creating the demand and creating the attention in the audience from people, rather than just trying to collect [email addresses].”

Time: 0:45

What should I include in an email newsletter? It seems like a good way to stay in front of my clients in between calls and annual meetings, but how do I get started?

“A newsletter can be very simple: first paragraph, something personal…second, timely advice or pillar content…thirdly, cross-promoting other marketing efforts; if you’re not doing anything else, just leave that paragraph out and stick to the first two.”

Time: 3:29

How do I speak to my “ideal” client without excluding everyone else?

“If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one; it’s plain vanilla. And, we don’t digest and consume plain vanilla because it’s 2021. We’re filtering out media and things very quickly. So, if you’re not speaking to me, you’re speaking over me, and I’m not interested.”

Time: 3:38

What’s a good way to remind myself to get on social media more often?

“Enjoy it. Don’t look at it like a marketing activity, look at it like you want to read through some stuff. And that will become a new habit for you. And once we create a new habit, we’ll start putting positivity and action behind it.”

Time: 1:42

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