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About the Webinar

Marketing as a Financial Advisor Webinar Overview

Once upon a time, advisors found tremendous success hosting seminars, in-person trainings, emailing leads, cold calling, and door knocking.

Will those former activities continue to best serve advisors in the future?

How do advisors grow their business right now (today) and going forward?

This Blueprint Investment Partners webinar features Ryan Stark and Corey Keating, who both offer consulting and outsourced marketing services for advisors. The pair present marketing strategies, plans, activities, and ideas that can be implemented immediately.

You’ll finish watching with a notepad full of actionable steps to grow your audience.


Ryan Stark

Ryan Stark

I was an LPL Advisor for the past six years, and for two years prior I was a non-licensed LPL admin. I decided to leave LPL to focus on something else that I really love and have a passion for: marketing. I know firsthand how much of a struggle marketing can be as a financial advisor.

Corey Keating

Corey Keating

Marketers Company
Marketing excites me. I’m good at it, and when you do it right, it works. I sleep well at night knowing that I'm actually helping advisors gain traction. That’s a nice feeling.

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson

Blueprint Investment Partners
Our firm is committed to being an uncommonly great partner to advisors. Offering this webinar is an extension of that commitment.

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