What We Do

Blueprint collaborates with investment advisors to determine which of their clients could benefit from adding a systematic strategy to their portfolio. We then manage the investment on the client’s (and advisor’s) behalf, empowering the advisors to help the investors who trust them.

Our methodologies are founded on time-tested logic. When afforded access to a portfolio, it isn’t long before common sense and accountability pull us all forward.

Ernst F. Schumacher

At Blueprint, we acknowledge that the role of a modern investment advisor is evolving. Responsibilities are expanding; the advice provided, more encompassing. Technology is also changing.

A modern advisor should be focused on helping his or her clients lead more productive financial lives – not tracking the latest adaptations of portfolio theory evangelized by another theoretician each week.

Blueprint is a resource. We seek to enable advisors to offer their clients systematic investment strategies previously limited to institutions or hedge fund investors. More importantly we have taken exceptional care to ensure everything we do is easily understood and transparent.