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Tennis – Hit Winners Or Avoid Losers

Tennis – Hit Winners Or Avoid Losers

I recently read Howard Marks’ latest memo, “Fewer Losers or More Winners?” and it reinforced in me that this guy is a true trend follower in his own way (even if he doesn’t realize it yet). Marks is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and influential investors in the world, and his memos are read by thousands of professionals and enthusiasts alike. For those who think reading a long-form memo is like hopelessly digging in a sandbox looking for treasure, fear not, I found the treasure for you.

Tennis – Hit Winners Or Avoid Losers

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Two tennis players on a tennis court

Tennis – Hit Winners Or Avoid Losers

Hands organizing post-it notes into a grid system

If It’s Not Repeatable, It’s Not a System

Systems are important infrastructure in achieving the goals we desire for a financial services firm, an investing process, and our personal lives.
Stressed Lego man at desk

Are You Working IN Your Business Or ON Your Business?

Many financial advisors are so busy working IN their business that they do not take the time to work ON their business. There is a tremendous difference.
‘You can do the hard things’ motivation saying

Motivation? Or Discipline?

Which is more important? In behavioral finance and investing, discipline allows for the unemotional following of systematic investing rules.