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Trend Following: Weed Control for Portfolios

Trend Following: Weed Control for Portfolios

A powerful motivator for many parents is a desire to have their children’s upbringing to be better than their own. Better schools, a nicer house, more toys, and better vacations are all things many of us wish for our kids to experience – especially if we didn’t have these things in our own childhood. I know this is certainly the case for me as a father of two.

And yet, there are many aspects of my childhood that I have become nostalgic about as I grow older. Certain things that I either didn’t enjoy or outright despised, I now remember fondly. In fact, I lament the fact that my kids will never be able to experience some of these things themselves.

An example will help explain. And, perhaps unexpectedly, I think it offers a valuable lesson about investing.

Trend Following: Weed Control for Portfolios

By: Brandon Langley
Person holding a dandelion at sunset

Trend Following: Weed Control for Portfolios

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Radical Transparency is Good for Business

Radical transparency is something that 10 years ago was uncommon in financial services but today seems to be accepted as good for business – regardless of whether you’re an asset manager or a financial advisor.
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Inflation Autopsy Report

Back in 2021, as inflation rates broke out from their long-term range, we discussed a study by the Man Institute about strategies for inflationary times. Now that prices appear to be stabilizing, we can look back and as, “How did these assets do?”
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But The Market Always Comes Back…Right?

We believe an asset management philosophy that assumes the market will always come back is like putting it all the chips on black in a game of roulette.