Webinar Highlights: The Next Generation of Liquid Alts

Posted: December 6, 2023

Ship breaking through ice to form a new pathway

As the head of Blueprint Investment Partners, I had a unique opportunity to moderate a virtual panel discussion with three of the biggest names in the liquid alternatives space last month: Bob Elliott, Corey Hoffstein, and Jerry Parker.

I was energized by what I saw and heard, as well as inspired to share some video clips from the discussion with you. 

During the discussion, I sensed the competitive yet cooperative spirit that drives innovation and thought leadership in financial services. This spirit was evident as each panelist shared their views about the evolving landscape for liquid alternatives and the key attributes of their ETF strategies:

Bob Elliott
CEO and CIO of Unlimited Funds
Portfolio Manager, HFND

Corey Hoffstein
CIO of Newfound Research
Portfolio Manager, RSST, RSBT

Jerry Parker
CEO and Co-Founder of Chesapeake Capital Corporation
Portfolio Manager, TFPN

With the Generally Positive Performance of Liquid Alts in 2022 & 2023, Are We Just Getting Started in the Space?

Time: 2:50

Has the 60/40’s Recent Struggles Stimulated Interest in Adding Liquid Alts to a Portfolio?

Time: 2:45

What are You Hearing from Financial Advisors in Terms of How They’re Thinking About Liquid Alts?

Time: 3:48

How Does Your Strategy Address the Challenges of a 60/40 and Potentially Increase Diversification?

Time: 3:15

If You Were Building a 60/40 from Scratch, What are the Necessary Ingredients?

Time: 4:49

How Do Financial Advisors Confront the Timing Decision When Adding Liquid Alts?

Time: 2:52

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