The Playbook For Top Financial Advisors

Posted: June 4, 2020

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The core client of Blueprint Investment Partners is an independent financial advisor. They tend to be planning-focused, tech-savvy, and very entrepreneurial. Many either started as an independent or broke away from a wirehouse.

As we’ve served this client base over the years, Blueprint Investment Partners have developed institutional knowledge about the behaviors, tactics, and strategies employed by the most effective advisors – advisors we think are worthy of being called “ELITE.”

Our new guide, “The Elite Advisor Playbook,” takes these instructive examples and provides a framework around four areas of focus:

  1. Client service
  2. Practice management
  3. Investment management
  4. Business development

During periods of extreme uncertainty, such as the last few months, financial advisors should have a pre-determined plan to communicate and operate effectively. No one can completely plan for an exogenous event like a global pandemic, but having robust processes and systems in place before the shock can reduce the damage and allow for much greater continuity and future growth.

At Blueprint Investment Partners, we understand that financial advisors are under an immense amount of pressure to provide value to their clients and differentiate themselves from other advisors (including robots!). It is no easy task. Fortunately, in the digital age, one can find instructive examples for business model innovation, both inside and outside the advisory world. In this spirit, the objective of the Playbook is to define what it means to be a top financial advisor and offer guidance as to how an aspiring advisor can take the necessary steps to achieve elite status.

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