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About the Webinar

Building An Elite Performance Culture for Your Wealth Practice Webinar Overview

This webinar will provide you with resources, strategies, and tools that we believe can help cultivate efficiency in your advisory practice.

We’ll do a deep dive into how financial advisory practices can aim to create environments where teams excel in facing challenges and thrive in fostering effective group dynamics. The strategies presented during this module are fueled by diverse experiences from military, financial, and academic settings. We believe these strategies can enhance your team’s performance and client relationships.

You will also learn about the five characteristics of what we consider elite cultures:

  1. Understanding people’s motivations
  2. Building trust
  3. Developing communication skills
  4. Embracing risk
  5. Identifying barriers to execution


Eric Downing

Eric Downing

Downing is Founder and President of Proven Paradigm Consulting. He works with organizations around the world, including RIAs and wealth teams, to help them address the root issues getting in the way of growth and productivity. Downing has more than 35 years of leadership and development experience, which was gained through a wide-ranging military career and corporate leadership positions.

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson

Robinson is CEO and Co-Founder of Blueprint Investment Partners. The firm seeks to disrupt the ordinary relationship between asset manager and financial advisor by doing things others rarely do with consistency: commit to transparency, build advisor-focused investment strategies, prioritize partnership, and optimize for behavioral finance. Robinson co-authored “The Elite Advisor Playbook,” which is one of the practice management solutions the firm offers for advisors.

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