Tennis – Hit Winners Or Avoid Losers

Two tennis players on a tennis court

I recently read Howard Marks’ latest memo, “Fewer Losers or More Winners?” and it reinforced in me that this guy is a true trend follower in his own way (even if he doesn’t realize it yet). Marks is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and influential investors in the world, and his memos…

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If It’s Not Repeatable, It’s Not a System

Hands organizing post-it notes into a grid system

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to hear that I read “Atomic Habits”…again. In 2018, James Clear wrote this remarkable book that has reportedly been purchased every 15 minutes since publication*. Additionally, his 3-2-1 Thursday newsletter is followed by more than 2 million people. Before I finish this blog, he will have sold…

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Are You Working IN Your Business Or ON Your Business?

Stressed Lego man at desk

When I talk to executives and business owners as part of my work with family offices, private equity firms, and boards, I often hear comments like this: “I want to grow my business, but I do not have the time to address [you name the issue].” The REAL issue is often that they are so…

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Motivation? Or Discipline?

‘You can do the hard things’ motivation saying

How many times have you stopped and considered the real meaning of words used every day? More importantly, how often do you challenge your own notion of that meaning by looking it up? Recently I heard a friend and father I respect tell his son that discipline is more important than motivation. He said, “Motivation…

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Leading With Gratitude

Napkin with writing saying “practice gratitude daily”

Recently I was skimming through minutes from a weekly Blueprint Investment Partners Leadership Team meeting and something made me stop and chuckle. Each person had shared some good news from their week, and one had offered that she and her husband managed to shop for AND assemble several pieces of IKEA furniture without any squabbling.…

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Is it Human Nature To Distrust Simplicity?

Skeptical man peeking around the corner

A colleague recently shared a blog that in essence questioned why quantitative investment strategies, and specifically trend following, was not more widely embraced by the investment management industry. It was a compelling question that prompted me to consider a larger one: Is it human nature to distrust simplicity? The Blueprint Investment Partners team bantered back…

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Predicting The Future

Fortune cookies on a baking sheet

When something happens that has never happened before, do we assert it was unpredictable? Monday the front month contract for WTI crude oil went negative in price and traded there, as holders attempted to get rid of the obligation to take delivery. How much can I pay you to take my oil? Amazing. Times like…

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Forecast: Unpredictability With a Chance of Irrational Behavior

Signpost with the year 2020 and a man with a telescope

Blueprint Investment Partners hosted a behavioral finance webinar last week with our friend Jay Mooreland, author of “The Emotional Investor.” The event motivated me to re-read his book, which I highly recommend. It also reminded me of the investment industry’s annual prediction cycle about what to expect for the coming year and how the market…

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