The 2020 Remix: Trend Following & Pop Culture commercial showing the devil and a woman named 2020 in front of a dumpster fire

At Blueprint Investment Partners, we like to think that our trend-following proclivities have many applications. Some (like our ability to systematically manage assets for our advisor clients) are certainly more useful than others (like the fresh 2020 pop culture reference that will come when you read on). We’re not above keeping on the pulse of…

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The Irrationality of Humans, Investors, And…Watch-Buyers?

Wrist watches

My husband recently nearly talked me into purchasing his definition of “a decent” wristwatch — and it was a reminder of how we, as humans, are completely irrational. My thinking on watches is simple: What’s wrong with the classic, battery-powered quartz watch I’ve had for years? It has fewer parts, I don’t have to send…

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No Fluff. No Black Box. Just Actual Next Steps for Financial Advisors

Visual showing four elements that comprise elite advisor framework

You know those days, when you’re practically on autopilot as you delete, delete, delete your way through our inbox? Until it happens. A headline just grabs you. The sender is addressing a pain point you’ve been experiencing and, better yet, they’re offering practical guidance. Amazing! You click through to their website, somewhat-begrudgingly fill out the…

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