ESG Separately Managed Account Strategy

Aligning Personal Values With Investing Goals

Many financial advisors have been challenged to find investment vehicles that can align clients’ personal values with their long-term financial goals. The Blueprint U.S. ESG Strategy uses a systematic investing process to squash the either/or scenario. It offers:

  • Diversified portfolio of companies with positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) attributes
  • A systematic, risk-managed wrapper


Overview Diversified portfolio of large- and mid-cap companies with positive ESG attributes
Typical Holdings 50-75
Investing Process Uses systematic investing to dynamically adjust the portfolio’s allocations on a monthly basis

For informational purposes only. Not a recommendation of any particular security or strategy. This is a proposed target allocation and investment strategy. Final allocation of the portfolio may differ from the targets listed above.

Built with Intentionality For Financial Advisors

Our ESG SMA is built with intentionality, seeking to:

Be highly accessible for financial advisors to use in their practices

Use transparent, repeatable, and straightforward rules advisors can actually explain to clients in plain English

Optimize for behavioral finance by removing human bias during emotionally charged market environments

Manage risk through trend following, moving away from individual securities in downtrends and into those showing strength

Protect against substantial downside losses

Provide tax-friendly outcomes through ongoing tax-loss harvesting

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