Financial Advisor Use Cases: Satellite Holding or Tactical Allocation

Financial advisors commonly choose the Blueprint Chesapeake Multi-Asset Trend ETF (TFPN) as a satellite holding or tactical allocation strategy due to its ability to:

Serve as a portfolio diversifier with the potential for low correlation to traditional asset classes

Complement or mitigate losses in long only equity exposure

Allocate half its risk budget long equities, seeking to minimize portfolio drag during up markets

Be suitable for both non-taxable and taxable accounts, since ETF structure permits tax-friendly treatment

Remove human bias during emotionally charged market environments

Offer a competitive expense ratio and full intraday liquidity

Use Cases

Complement or mitigate losses in traditional equity exposure, since TFPN can go long and short within this macro asset class

Satellite allocation in an overall portfolio, complementing or replacing other alternatives like traditional managed futures

Allocation that can adapt during bear markets or crisis periods, while potentially limiting portfolio drag during equity bull markets

Allocation in both non-taxable and taxable accounts

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