Podcast Interview: Like a Fitness Trainer Who Does the Exercise for You

July 2, 2020

Graphic highlighting Jon Robinson appearance on BIF Bites

Blueprint Investment Partners, an asset manager and pioneer in the creation of systematic, process-driven, and transparent investment strategies for financial advisors, was featured on the Boston Institute of Finance’s BIF Bites Podcast. The interview with CEO and Co-Founder Jon Robinson, addresses a variety of topics, including:

How Systematic Investing is Like a Fitness Trainer Who Provides Encouragement & Can Even Do the Exercise for You

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Robinson: “That’s how an outsourced systematic investment manager helps financial advisors and their clients eliminate behavioral bias and stick to the financial plan: by doing “the exercise” for them.”

How an Unexpected FedEx Delivery is Part of Blueprint’s Origin Story

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Robinson: “The role data played in determining to who to send the package foreshadows the indispensable role data would later play in all of the firm’s operations. “

How a Systematic Investing Process Can Eliminate Behavioral Biases

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Robinson: “Because trend following strategies can be codified, financial advisors are able to explain to their clients the specific rules that drive portfolio changes. This helps manage emotions by providing certainty of process amidst uncertainty in markets, and advisors and their clients know how the portfolio will react to various environments.”

How a Behavioral Finance Discipline Applies to ESG Investing

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Robinson: “In our view, it’s possible to allow investors to align their passions with their investments without sacrificing risk management to get there.”

How Blueprint Believes Asset Managers Should Serve Their Advisor Clients

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Robinson: “Financial advisors are required to act in the best interests of their clients, and we believe asset managers like ourselves should apply the same standard to working with advisors. We seek to serve our advisor clients by building deep relationships at scale and supporting their practice management.”

About Blueprint Investment Partners

Blueprint Investment Partners is an asset manager and pioneer in the creation of systematic, process-driven, and transparent investment strategies for financial advisors and institutions. The firm was founded on a management philosophy honed by its co-founders during the 2008 financial crisis. Blueprint applies a rules-based approach to both asset class and time diversification, instilling discipline and removing human bias during emotionally charged market environments. The firm offers and sub-advises a suite of distinct global investment portfolios that are distinguished by their risk tolerance or ESG objectives, with the models delivered as separately managed account strategies and a mutual fund.

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