Blueprint Partnering with ClearShares To Sub-Advise Risk-Managed ETF

March 19, 2021

Logos for Blueprint Investment Partners and ClearShares

Blueprint Investment Partners, an asset manager and pioneer in the creation of systematic, process-driven, and transparent investment strategies for financial advisors, announced today a new partnership with ClearShares, a provider of innovative exchange traded fund (ETF) solutions. Effective October 1, Blueprint Investment Partners is now the sub-adviser for ClearShares’ longest-running ETF.

“Entering the ETF space was always part of the strategic vision for our firm because we can’t be an uncommonly great partner to financial advisors unless our investment strategies are available as highly accessible, liquid vehicles,” says Blueprint Investment Partners CEO and Co-Founder Jon Robinson. “Within the ETF space, ClearShares offers an innovative, quality platform. There was also a natural alignment between the cultures of our two firms.”

This news comes in the wake of several other strategic initiatives, including the launch of a mutual fund in 2020. The firm’s continued growth also prompted two recent Leadership Team hirings: Kenneth Peters, CAIA, to fortify portfolio management and trading functions, and Nicole Hands to direct brand positioning and marketing strategy while also supporting financial advisor clients with their marketing-related practice management.

“Our firm is built on being an uncommonly great partner to financial advisors, with the cornerstones being a first-rate investment process, investment strategies that are highly accessible, and a team of experts,” Jon adds. “Our partnership with ClearShares makes a positive impact by broadening our product offering and allowing us to meet clients where they are.”

About Blueprint Investment Partners

Blueprint Investment Partners is an asset manager and pioneer in the creation of systematic, process-driven, and transparent investment strategies for financial advisors and institutions. The firm was founded on a management philosophy honed by its co-founders during the 2008 financial crisis. Blueprint applies a rules-based approach to both asset class and time diversification, instilling discipline and removing human bias during emotionally charged market environments. The firm offers and sub-advises a suite of distinct global investment portfolios that are distinguished by their risk tolerance or ESG objectives, with the models delivered as separately managed account strategies and funds.

About ClearShares

ClearShares LLC is an independently owned and operated investment advisor based in New York. The firm provides innovative ETF solutions for advisors, institutions, and investors looking to solve unique investment problems. The catalyst behind the ClearShares family of transparent, actively managed, and fee-appropriate ETFs is advisor demand for products to address specific investment challenges, ranging from a diversified core holding to an alternative to non-yielding cash holdings. Additionally, ClearShares leverages its team’s deep operational expertise to provide an advisor-friendly platform for partnering firms to efficiently launch bespoke ETF solutions.

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