Andrea Johnson Swope Hiring Fortifies Blueprint’s Promise to Advisors

December 1, 2022

Director of Financial Advisor Experience Andrea Johnson Swope

Blueprint Investment Partners, an asset manager and pioneer in the creation of systematic, process-driven, and transparent investment strategies for financial advisors, has institutionalized its commitment to being an uncommonly great partner to advisors by formalizing the leadership role of Director of Advisor Experience and hiring Andrea Johnson Swope. Swope’s entire career has been in financial services, and she has demonstrated herself as an innovator in advisor practice management.

“Blueprint’s advisor partners will benefit from Andrea’s extensive experience with integrations, operational efficiencies, mergers and acquisitions, brand management and marketing, and business development,” says Jon Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Blueprint. “Moreover, she’s responsible for holding our entire team accountable for Blueprint’s vow to be an uncommonly great partner to financial advisors.”

As Director of Advisor Experience, Swope:

  • Supports advisors who are evaluating the efficiency of their practice
  • Connects advisors to the Blueprint services and investment solutions best aligned with their practice’s needs
  • Ensures that Blueprint’s services, communications, practice management resources, and systematic investing strategies are optimized in a way that continually makes partnering advisors feel like…partners!

“After working in this space for 16 years, I’ve seen numerous examples of advisors who are left frustrated when their supposed-partner makes promises that fall flat,” says Swope. “Blueprint is driven to disrupt this status quo by doing things other asset managers rarely do with consistency. The team has established a track record of being an uncommonly great partner to financial advisors, and I’m excited to share this level of service with additional advisors while ensuring we continue to overdeliver on our commitments to existing clients.”

Prior to joining Blueprint, Swope was Chief Operating Officer at GCG Wealth Management, as well as Director of Advisory Services at an RIA and independent office near Charlotte, NC. She also was Head of Business Development for National Accounts at Braver Wealth Management in Boston, MA, where she implemented and distributed tactical algorithms to third party distribution channels and international clients.

Her financial services career began at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, where she helped run a quant strategy. The role gave her a foundational understanding of the black-box side of systematic investing, instilling in her an appreciation of the potential merits of the investing style, as well as an awareness of how a more transparent strategy could benefit financial advisory practices.

About Blueprint Investment Partners

Blueprint Investment Partners is an asset manager and pioneer in the creation of systematic, process-driven, and transparent investment strategies for financial advisors and institutions. The firm was founded on a management philosophy honed by its co-founders during the 2008 financial crisis. Blueprint applies a rules-based approach to both asset class and time diversification, instilling discipline and removing human bias during emotionally charged market environments. The firm offers and sub-advises a suite of distinct global investment portfolios that are distinguished by their risk tolerance or ESG objectives, with the models delivered as separately managed account strategies and funds.

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