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Periodic Table With Systematic Investing Handout Overview

Many financial advisors are familiar with the “periodic table” of asset class performance like the image below. It is a popular tool for illustrating the importance of diversification to clients.

Borrowing from chemistry, it shows calendar years from left to right, with individual asset classes lined up under each year in descending order of their performance. The main point is to show that any asset class can vary widely from one year to the next, going from a top performer to one of the worst. Thus, portfolio diversification it is best.

Global Asset Class Annual Returns (2020-2021)

Source: ICE, 1/1/2000 to 1/31/2021



To help financial advisors visualize the impact of asset class and time diversification, Blueprint Investment Partners has taken the “periodic table” concept a step further by adding:

A diversified portfolio that’s bought-and-held, which shows the impact of asset class diversification

A diversified portfolio that uses systematic investing, which illustrates the effect of asset class diversification AND time diversification

If you have any questions about how systematic investing can achieve both asset class and time diversification