January 2023 Asset Allocation Update For Risk-Managed Portfolios

January 2023 asset allocation changes grid for Blueprint Investment Partners risk-managed global portfolios

Adjustments can vary across strategies depending on each strategy's objectives. What's illustrated above most closely reflects allocation adjustments for the Growth Strategy.

U.S. Equities

Exposure will decrease as the intermediate-term timeframe reverts to a downtrend. The long-term timeframe remains in a downtrend.

International Equities

Exposure will not change, as foreign developed continues to experience an intermediate-term uptrend; its long-term trend remains negative. Emerging markets remain in downtrends across both timeframes.

Real Estate

Exposure will not change from its minimum allocation, as both the intermediate- and long-term timeframes remain in downtrends.

U.S. & International Treasuries

Exposure will not change, as international Treasuries maintain their intermediate-term uptrend; their long-term trend remains negative. Both timeframes for U.S. Treasuries remains negative.

Inflation-Protected Bonds

Exposure will not change and is at its minimum allocation due to downtrends across both timeframes.


Exposure will not change, as gold continues to have an intermediate-term uptrend, but the long-term timeframe remains in a downtrend.

Short-Term Fixed Income

Exposure will increase, as it takes on exposure from U.S. equities.

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