Tag: Responsibility

The Sundown Rule

    Back in the dark ages when I started my career in banking, the pace of work and communication was entirely different.  Imagine a world with no mail other than what came with a stamp on it or in an interoffice envelope (who remembers those?).  Your phone messages came on a pink slip of… Read more »

Radical Transparency

For the last several weeks I have been pondering the notion of radical transparency – personally, professionally, spiritually, etc.  Much is written about the notion of authenticity in terms of living a life that, in all respects, reflects who you are.  Yet we often live in different modes of life where the ‘authentic’ version of… Read more »

Growing Up to be a Fiduciary

After more than 25 years in the financial advice world it appears to me our industry is finally growing into adulthood.  For the first time, all financial advisors must now conduct business in a manner appropriate to the incredible responsibility allowed us by our clients.  Simply put, the industry will require itself (thanks for the… Read more »